The X Factor is also a show on cable television which is the meaning behind the trending topic #XFactor. It’s quite a popular show in which contestants compete in a singing competition, like American Idol. In fact, it is actually produced by American Idol judge Simon Cowell. The winner of this competition receives a recording contract with Sony that is worth $5 million. The air time of this show is 8 pm – 9 pm on Thursdays, so that’s why it’s trending right now.



#OlBlueEyes, a new trending topic on Twitter caught my attention because I had no idea what it was referring to. After some investigation, I discovered the trend is in reference to the TV show “The Vampire Diaries.” This show is on the network CW, and is quite popular among teens. For some reason, vampires have been immensely popular lately. This could be due to the incredible success of the Twilight Saga’s books and movies. I looked into it, and the show comes on at 8:00 pm every Thursday. It is currently 8:40 pm on a Thursday. Need I say more.


#BadDecision is trending on Twitter right now. Why? Because everyone’s made a bad decision or two in their lives. I chose to investigate this trend and see what peoples’ bad decisions are. A lot of the tweets I found talk about many things that are indeed bad decisions. For example, “Going to the grocery store high. #BadDecision.” It is indeed not a wise choice to go to a food market under the influence of marijuana. This is because marijuana users have an increase in appetite in which unappetizing food choices appear to be appealing. Another tweet read “Dropping a dime to pick up a nickel #BadDecision.” This is also not an intelligent thing to do, because it would financially detrimental to drop a coin worth 10 cents for a coin worth 5 cents. It’s good to see that people on Twitter have their priorities straight.


Trending tonight on Twitter is #TeamHeat. This is referring to a basketball game in the NBA where the New York Knicks play the Miami Heat. So why isn’t #TeamKnicks trending as well? The reason is because my Twitter is set to the Boston trending tweets. It is safe to say that most people on Twitter in the Boston area don’t want the Knicks to win, as there is often a rivalry between Boston and New York sports teams.


Also trending in today’s Twitter world is #ThrowbackThursday. Throwback Thursday happens on the fifth day of each week and is used as a ploy for people to post their favorite old pictures of themselves. #ThrowbackThursday is obviously trending because today is Thursday. Throwback Thursdays often spark conversations in which friends reminisce about events that have occurred in the past. People love sharing memories with their friends online, and is the reason why #ThrowbackThursday is a popular thing for people to do. It is also a popular thing for people to do on another social networking site, Instagram. Instagram is like Twitter except instead of posting texts of 140 characters, they post pictures with the appropriate filter. Often times people link their Instagram with their Twitter.   


#oomf appears to be random letters put together, but it’s actually an abbreviated term. It stands for “one of my followers” and is used to refer to one of someone’s followers. When a person reads this tweet, it could be about them but it probably isn’t.

Why would someone anonymously tweet to a follower of theirs? Well, if someone wants to get someone’s attention but doesn’t want to outright tag the person in their tweet they can just use the hashtag #oomf. Examples of this would be “#oomf looked really cute today,” or “#oomf i really want to punch in the face.” In my opinion, these tweets are pointless because they only cause confusion and wonder about who the person is tweeting about. This also could cause some online drama. Although, Twitter having drama only adds to its appeal for most people. 

Today’s Promoted Trending Topic

To have a topic be trending, there needs to be a surplus of people hashtagging the exact word. As I checked Twitter today, I come across the top four trending topics. The first topic on the list is “#MattDamonGetsUNREAL.” Usually the first trending topic in the list is promoted, meaning that they are topics paid for by Twitter’s advertising partners. They are clearly marked as “Promoted” so that the public knows they are the product of advertisement, however they are just as effective as regular trending topics on Twitter.

Which makes me think, why would one of Twitter’s advertising http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOOeNvls7qc partners want to trend the topic of Matt Damon getting “UNREAL”? I decided to check this out and click on the link provided, unfolding a list of tweets that include the same tag. As I scroll down the list, I see numerous tweets about someone named Gisele Bundchen, John Legend, Tom Brady, and candy. I have absolutely no idea how all of those can be related, so I did some more investigating. 

Many of the tweets featured a link to a youtube video titled “Get UNREAL – Candy UN JUNKED.” I watched the video and realized that getting “UNREAL” is the name of a company that is reinventing candy. Now how does one reinvent candy? Well, after watching the entire video it appears that all the ingredients in the candy they produce are natural and not artificial. The video shows numerous celebrities (Gisele Bundchen, John Legend, Tom Brady, and the star of the trending topic Matt Damon) eating the candy and endorsing it. So that solves the mystery as to how Matt Damon is getting “UNREAL” and why it is a trending topic on Twitter.

Here’s a link to the video.